Unique, modern and classic

Monarchia Galéria offers a wide variety of unique, modern and classic artisan jewelry, as well as antiques and decorative art objects. Most of the jewelry was handmade by Hungarian artists.


The name Monarchia Galéria represents quality, trustworthiness and 20 years of experience.

One of a kind

Monarchia Galéria has been operating for more than 20 years. Our aim is to help you find something you like, something unique you will not see in other places. The Monarchia Collection gathers pieces that are one of a kind. Get to know more about some of our products!



Amber, the fossilized tree resin of pine trees that existed 40-140 million years ago, has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since the Neolithic period. Amber is used as an ingredient for perfumes, as a healing agent and as jewelry. Amber occurs in a wide range of colors. The brown-yellow-orange color, which is associated with the color “amber” is the most common, but it can also be cherry red, milky, pale yellow, green and even blue. Amber from the Baltic is considered to be the best quality.

Porcelain Jewellery

Éva Tamás is a Hungarian artist who creates unique porcelain jewelry. Her works are true statement pieces, you will never find anything like her stunning jewels. The porcelain pieces are painted with gold and platinum. This porcelain is fired at a very high temperature several times to achieve these different layers and outstanding colours.

Shot Glasses

Handmade by Peter Borkovics , one of the most outstanding glass artists in Hungary and in Europe with a very difficult technique. The shot glasses come in four different designs (single face, double face, woman’s body, thumb) but every piece is a little bit different, since they were handmade. The imperfections make these works of art perfect! The artist signs all the pieces on the back of the glass.