Tamás Éva

Éva Tamás is a Hungarian artist who creates unique porcelain jewelry.
Her works are true statement pieces, you will never find anything like her stunning jewels. The porcelain pieces are painted with gold and platinum.  This porcelain is fired at a very high temperature several times to achieve these different layers and outstanding colours, therefore it is difficult and expensive to produce.

Her statement:
“I would like to make the Invisible Visible. The state of mood, the feeling which comes from inside and returns back here.. This is the Silense for the scream of my soul, the flash of the perception, the soul mirror when you meet yourself. Where the stake is the eternal human values. And that is when the miracle happens.. You are alone, but you are not lonely, the contact is here – the secret of emotions – the meeting of kindred spirits. That is what I wish to do till the end of my life!”